No Sainthood for Junipero Serra!

Pope Francis announced earlier this year that he plans to canonize Junípero Serra, in a ceremony in Washington this fall. This would officially venerate the 18th-century missionary into the status of sainthood. However, many of us Native-Indigenous whose ancestors first encountered Serra have a very different view of the Spanish friar. Sainthood for Junipero Serra would validate the Catholic and Spanish-European imperialism of Indigenous peoples, most specifically that of California Natives.

The intention of this website is to serve as a voice for the Indigenous perspective of the California mission system. It is also to bring light to, not only the negative impact of Junipero Serra’s missionary work on California Indians, but the overall (and overlooked) system of Spanish Catholic imperialism Serra was attached to, represented, and worked to advance.

Junipero Serra

“I do not see by what law or reasoning my Indians should be exempt from being whipped.”

Junipero Serra
His response to the King of Spain when asked to stop his abuse. January 7, 1780